Muskoka Victim Services


Victim Crisis Assistance & Referral Service (VCARS)
VCARS is a community-based service assisting police and emergency services in providing short-term emotional support and practical assistance to victims of crime, tragic circumstances and loss. Community volunteers support victims to meet their immediate needs and supply referrals to existing community service if longer-term support is required.
Crisis assistance is provided by trained volunteers who are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. VCARS volunteers will assist victims of crime or tragedy including but not limited to: assault, domestic violence, sexual assault, property crime, robbery, theft, family members affected by sudden death from accident, suicide, or homicide, attempted suicide, and multi-casualty occurrences.
In addition to emotional support, volunteers may provide practical assistance of making phone calls, assisting with arranging for essential needs such as food, lodging etc. If the victim identifies as having longer-term needs, the volunteers provide information and referral options to community services for ongoing victim assistance.

VCARS Objectives:

  • To lessen the trauma of being victimized
  • To assist Police, Fire and Emergency Services in meeting the needs of victims
  • To help victims cope with the impact of crime, trauma, tragic circumstances or loss
  • To assist victims in accessing appropriate support services in our community
  • To provide an opportunity for community members to become more involved in dealing with the effects of crime and victimization
  • To educate community members
  • To promote victim assistance in the District of Muskoka

    • For more information about the VCARS program, please contact Muskoka Victim Services at 705.654.5444 and email at: