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How to Support

  • Donate to Victim Services
  • Adopt a Volunteer

Donate to Victim Services
Muskoka Victim Services is funded primarily be the Ministry of the Attorney General. This funding provides the dollars for our core services only.
Donations are contributions from local organizations/foundations and individuals assist us in meeting the growing needs of programs and services to victims in our communities.
By donating to Muskoka Victim Services, you are investing in a service that could be, or may have already been, used by your employees, clients, family, community members and possibly you. Anyone could become a victim of crime - crime does not discriminate.
Muskoka Victim Services would very much appreciate a monetary or in-kind donation.
Muskoka Victim Services welcomes the opportunity to speak to individuals, families, or organizations/foundations about our growing role in the community. Staff is available to make presentations during lunch and dinner meetings.
Muskoka Victim Services invites you to support our charitable, not for profit organization. Through your humanitarian spirit and kind generosity, you assist us to achieve our mission to contribute to a safe and healthy community!
Charitable tax receipts will be issued for donations over $20.00.
Our Registered Charity Number is: 867765943RR0001
For more information or to make a donation, please contact the Administrative Assistant at             844-762-9945 or  e-mail at                                                                           To donate via PayPal please go to our home page and click on the Donate Button.

Adopt a Volunteer
Volunteer Crisis Responders are equipped with a kit containing essential supplies to enable them to provide support to victims. Show your support by adopting a volunteer!

Your adoption donation of $350.00 will provide a volunteer with:

  • Information handbooks
  • Training Materials
  • Mileage
  • Victim Services Identification ir: vest, I.D. badge
  • Reflective band for safety
    • Flashlight and Umbrella
    • Care Kit which consists of:
    • Personal Care Items
    • Small quilt or Blanket
    • Hand sanitizer, latex gloves, kleenex
    • Stuffed toys & games


Benefits to you and to the community:


  • Insures our volunteers are well equipped to handle any crisis that may arise
  • An ideal opportunity for you to sponsor someone in your immediate community
  • Certificates of recognition
  • Tax receipt for income tax purposes

For more information on how to adopt a Volunteer Crisis Responder, please contact that Volunteer Coordinator at 844-762-9945. or by email at